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The rising sun shows us the promises of a new dawn.It signifies a new beginning,new opportunities,a new start whereas the sun that sets signifies the lessons that we have learnt in a day,the regrets that we keep with ourselves,those unfulfilled things that we desired for and we couldn't get.
The sun that rises is just like the youth-young people filled with a lot of zeal and zest,confident of themselves,bold,unaware of all the hurdles and obstacles in life or aware of them and still confident that they will overcome all that is coming their way.The sun that sets is like an old person-aged,having white hair that he has acquired on account of his old age,which signifies that he has lived his life to the utmost and has learnt a lot from all the years that he has lived.
It's wonderful to connect the life-cycles of sun with man.But I rarely see people looking into the meaning and purpose of the things in life.There are a  few only who try to notice every chord,every drum beat,ever…

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